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Be prepared as one of the most exciting periods of the city’s history is brought back to life – it’s the Year of the Viking in York. See Viking York spring vividly to life at the newly-reopened JORVIK Viking Centre. Get up close to some of the greatest Viking discoveries ever made at the brand new exhibition Viking: Rediscover the Legend at the Yorkshire Museum in May.

Looking for inspiration to entertain those Little Vikings? Kids will love these adventures recommended by a York family. Plus, find out 5 ways to Live Like a Viking and explore York like a marauding warrior.


What happens when kids meet Vikings?

Can kids guess what these mysterious Viking objects are? Find out soon...



Return of the Vikings


The world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre has now reopened after its multi-million pound re-imagining. Hop aboard JORVIK’s improved ride experience and be transported back in time over 1,000 years!


Horn of Ulf at York Minster

Horn of Ulf

Viking lord Ulf gifted land to the Chapter of York Minster using a carved elephant tusk as a deed of transfer. Known as the Horn of Ulf, you can see this fantastic 1000-year-old artefact at York Minster.


The 34th JORVIK Viking Festival

JORVIK Viking FestivalDiscover the story of the Great Viking Army's invasion in AD 866, which has inspired 2018's JORVIK Viking Festival.

The York Dungeon

The York DungeonWith two new Norse-themed shows: Fear of the Vikings and Vengeance of the Vikings; The York Dungeon is delving into the dark side of these fearsome invaders. You’ll hear all about their most brutal tortures, crazy battle tactics and even learn a Viking warcry or two! Be on your guard though; there’s bound to be some shocking surprises.
York Selfie Trail


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Little Vikings

Viking Events Across York

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