York is a city where ideas spring to life, and if you choose to study in York you'll graduate with more than a qualification. You'll be immersed in an exciting, academic and forward-thinking atmosphere which will encourage you to grow and succeed.

Choosing where to study is a difficult decision but studying and living in York couldn’t be easier. York is an inspiring city with a significant Roman and Viking history, a vibrant food scene and more attractions per square mile than any other city of its size. With two leading universities, each with a strong sense of community and a thriving student population, plus sports, arts and music venues throughout the city, there’s always something for you to be part of.

Schools & Colleges in York

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River Ouse 164321003
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English In York

River Ouse 2094788249
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Askham Bryan College

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York Steiner School

St Peters Sept2020 233
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St Peter's School, York

River Ouse 1966526221
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Queen Ethelburga's College

Universities in York

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University of York

25 10 16 York St John Uni 0473 1165075151
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York St John University