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York Minster

Cosy up to Constantine for a group shot by the Minster.

York Minster is a must see for all visitors to York. The largest medieval Gothic cathedral north of the Alps is an artistic and architectural achievement and a treasure house of 800 years of stained glass.

This is religious architecture on the very grandest of scales. Over 500 feet in length, 100 feet wide and with a central tower 200 feet high, York Minster took over 250 years to complete and is the most visited cathedral in Britain. The Minster contains some of the country’s oldest and finest stained glass, has the city’s best views from the Tower and is rich in historical artefacts, dating back to the Roman age. It was probably in this fortress that Constantine was proclaimed Emperor of the Western Roman Empire in 306, before converting to Christianity in 312. It is a wonderful accident of history that the spot where Constantine, the first Christian Emperor, came to power later became one of the greatest cathedrals in Europe!

Did you know?

Constantine was the first Roman leader to instigate a celebration of the birth of Christ – Christmas!


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