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Station Rise

Get the Minster, Lendal Bridge and the walls in one cracking shot on your way out of the city.

The penultimate selfie spot on our trail is an opportunity to capture what is arguably one of the most iconic shots of the city. Virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, this view draws the eye down one of the most-used entrances to the city. The city walls in York date back to Roman times, being originally built of earth and wood in 71AD. They were rebuilt in stone in the 3rd & 4th centuries AD. The Anglo-Saxons patched up the Roman defences, while the Vikings and Normans replaced them with earthen ramparts. They were rebuilt in stone in the 13th century for defence against the Scots.

Did you know?

Local folklore suggests it was legal in medieval times, to shoot a Scotsman after dark within the city walls - so long as he was carrying a bow and arrow!


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