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FREE Business Performance Improvement Plan

Hunter Gee Holroyd are offering Visit York Members a free business improvement plan.

What are the 3 Challenges that you face in your business at the moment?
What additional challenges do you believe you will have in the future?
Do you already have an action plan for dealing with it? We can help!

Exclusively for Visit York members, Hunter Gee Holroyd will carry out a complimentary diagnostic review of the key options for strengthening your cashflow and improving other areas of your business.

The plan will include:
• Sales
• Profit
• People costs and Productivity
• Cashflow
• Return on Investment

We will also guide you on YOUR targets and the actions you will need to take to achieve them. Please note that a full set of recent accounts is required to complete the plan.

Contact Hunter Gee Holroyd on 01904 655202 or email: to book your complimentary plan.

Disclaimer: Hunter Gee Holroyd have published this information in good faith. For further information, advice or factsheets on any accountancy, tax or financial advice, please contact: Mark Grewer, Nigel Atkinson or Nigel Everard by calling 01904 655202 or email:


Visit York has agreed this special offer for all Visit York members. Please note, however, that is it your responsibility to check all of the details and ensure this is the correct product for your business.

For further information please contact our Business Engagement Team on 01904 554620 or email
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For all enquiries, please contact the Visit York Business Engagement Team:

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