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Project Digi Tribe - Are you ready for it?

Your Shiny New Tourism Website –

Marketing York is our number one priority here at Visit York. To ensure we put York at the top of everyone’s holiday options, we’re working with digital experts, New Mind:TellUs, to develop a brand new tourism website for York. We’re really excited about this step change and truly believe it will help York stay two steps ahead of our competitors and enable us to provide a first class digital experience for every single visitor, for today and the future.

So how will the site be better?

In a nutshell:

  • It will be fully responsive, provide a ‘customer first’ experience and lead on visual content through impactful media, including film.
  • Content will take into consideration visitors who are searching during the discovery stage, the planning stage and the pre arrival stage.
  • New features will include a mobile first experience, meaning anyone on any devise gets an amazing experience on our website.
  • It will also deliver an efficient and slick approach to booking accommodation and events and for the first time visitors will be able to build their own itineraries, which they can add and refer to every time they visit the site, no matter from which devise.
  • Personalisation will be introduced, helping Visit York to tailor content based on visitors’ previous behaviour on the site, making our content more meaningful than ever before.
  • The introduction of an improved user friendly content management system will be available for our members to enable content to be updated and added far quicker.

Operation Digi Tribe - How can you get ready?

We’ve given the project a name - ‘Operation Digi Tribe’ – and you’ll be an important part of it.

Great news! Our new website supports hi –res photography which means the image size is significantly bigger than ever before. This does mean, however, that all existing photography cannot be used on the new site, unless it meets the new photography criteria - see 'Getting Photography Ready' below.

Copy can be transferred, however, we’re really keen to encourage fresh content from each member – please be assured, by updating the quality of photography and updating copy, this will lead to an improved visitor experience and improve Search Engine Optimisation.

Getting Photography Ready

Switching off your current images - don't miss the deadline! Sunday 29 October 2017.

A crucial element of the website’s success will be beautiful images of York and your business. Today, successful websites rely on the quality and impact of the imagery and we’re making sure that York stays ahead of its competitors. Our new websitewill only support high resolution images, so we cannot use lower resolution images. You may need to book some new photography and we need all Visit York members to re-submit your images to us.

If you haven't yet submitted your photography for the new website we're reminding all members that the revised deadline of Sunday 29 October is rapidly approaching. 

Once this date has passed, we will need to use a default image of York on your webpage.

We know many of our members already have some stunning photography. What we’re aiming to do is ensure all of the images on are brilliant, so that together, we can showcase York and the surrounding area, in the very best way we can.

We’ve put together a good value photography package supplied by Visit York Member photographers, which you can download below:

Digi Tribe Photography Packages for Visit York Members

Please note: Once the site goes live you will be able to update your own pictures, however, we need to populate the site now hence the need to use a stock image after Sunday 29 October.

Next steps...

What will we need from you?

A minimum of five high resolution images and a maximum of fifteen.

Here are some example images (NB. these are to indicate photography style and are not size specific)


example 1 - style photography for

example 2 - style photography for

example 3 - style photography for

Here are some links to sector specific best practice examples:


Restaurant Example 1

Restaurant Example 2

Restaurant Example 3


Hotel Example 1

Hotel Example 2


Attraction Example 1

Attraction Example 2


Shop Example 1

Shop Example 2

Shop Example 3

Image Criteria - landscape images only


What is the Photo Quality Criteria?

  • Landscape images only
  • Images must be bright and well-lit
  • No mobile phone photos
  • Images must be in sharp focus
  • Jpeg format only
  • Minimum size 2080 x 1384 pixels


What about if I have existing images?

If you have images that already fit our criteria (this is likely to apply if you already have professional photography) and are in landscape format, you still need to re-submit your selection.

Even if your photography meets our technical criteria, images date. If your images have not been replaced within the last year, we would strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to refresh them.


Who has editorial control?

To maximise the potential of the new website we will retain editorial control. If we don’t feel images supplied showcase your business in the best way, we will help advise on replacing them.


How do I send my images to Visit York?

Please email your images via WeTransfer to

*If commissioning new photography from one of the Visit York Member photographers, we’ll instruct them to send the images directly to us, saving you the time.

They will also email you directly by We Transfer with your copies.


How are we monitoring quality control?

If the above quality guidelines are followed, our new photo database will accept the images. But if they do not they will be rejected and we’ll have to re-request. Our website database doesn’t enable us to publish lower resolution images.


When are the images needed by?

Sunday 29 October 2017.


How can I arrange new photography to be taken?

Visit York has negotiated a good value package for all of our members. All of the information can be found here.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the existing imagery will be carried over to the new website.  Therefore, whether re-submitting or commissioning new photography, we need your images again.

Any Queries?

Contact: The Digital Team -

Visit York Member contact

For all enquiries, please contact the Visit York Business Engagement Team:

Tel: 01904 554650  |  Email:

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