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Latest Tourism Intelligence - May 2014

Following the highest recorded April hotel room occupancy ever, May is also showing record room occupancy rates, at 83.9% it is 2% higher than the previous high for May (recorded last year, at 81.9%).

May 2014 was a warmer month than May 2013 in the North East and East of England, and the 7th warmest May recorded by the Met Office since 1910. This may have contributed to the strong growth in city centre footfall seen this month (21% higher than in May 2013), which has cemented the change in direction from declining footfall seen throughout 2013.

The number of visitors in the Visitor Centre also grew by 2%, to 43,712 through the doors in May, as did visits to the big attractions, with 264,291 people through the doors of the 10 big attractions.
The small attractions saw a slight decline in visitor numbers overall, however half of the participating attractions still reported an increase in visitor numbers.

The number of enquiries for VisitYork4Meetings was lower than in May last year, however, with two high value enquiries (one in excess of £70,000), this has brought the combined enquiry value to around three times higher than in May 2013.

Tourism performance for the year to date is positive. Particularly strong growth in the first five months of the year can be seen in sessions on (up 14%), conference enquiries (up 27%), VIC footfall (up 17%) and also city centre footfall (up 15%). Hotel and attraction performance has also been strong from January to May, with average room rates up by 1%, and visits to the attractions up by 2%, year on year.

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