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Tourism Intelligence - May 2016

March and April showed strong signs of recovery for the tourism sector since the difficult start to the year. However, we have seen dips in visits to attractions and hotel room occupancy in May, compared to 2015, albeit with a smaller and less dramatic rate of decline than we saw before Easter.

In May the hotel sector reported good and not-so-good news: the average room rate achieved was the highest ever recorded in our survey in the month of May, at £85.91 and 2% above the previous record set in May last year. However the number of rooms filled was down by 3%, at 74.8% of hotel rooms occupied.

With footfall through the Visit York Information Centre and city centre footfall also down by a similar proportion to the dip in hotel room occupancy (-3% and -4% respectively, vs May 2015), it is not surprising there is a dip in the total number of visits to attractions of 8% (provisionally), with visits made using a York Pass down by a quarter.

Good news is that we have seen good progress in reducing the reduction in sessions on now 7% down vs May 2015, compared to 17% in April. And very good news is that the Mobile website use has soared, by 39% this month and is now taking a 14% share of all sessions on, however, this is not yet enough movement to replace the loss of sessions through a desktop or laptop PC.

The VisitYork4Meetings conference desk has had another busy month, generating 34 enquiries in May, up a fifth on the same time last year.
Summary for May 2016:

• 74.8% of hotel rooms occupied
• £85.91 average hotel room rate
• 212,389 visits to attractions
• 4,127 visits to attractions using a York Pass
• 126,915 sessions on, including on the mobile site
• 93 accommodation bookings made through
• 34 enquiries generated by the VisitYork4Meetings conference desk
• 35,302 customers through the Visit York Information Centre

By the end of June we’ll have a full six month report to assess if the tourism recovery is going in the right direction. To request an overview of tourism performance each month or to find out any more about our Research and Insights, contact Make It York’s Research Executive Zoe Rawson: Email: