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Latest Tourism Intelligence - July 2014

City centre footfall rose by 33% in July and by 40% for the Tour de France weekend in particular. Our Visitor Centre experienced a monthly year on year increase in footfall of 5%; welcoming 60,602 visitors through our doors. We also saw a huge leap in the number of people accessing through mobile devices, driving an overall year on year increase in sessions on our website of 15%.

In July hotels also saw their average room rates continuing to sit above those achieved last year and saw the largest monthly growth for the year to date; up 12% to £89.22 - the highest monthly average room rate recorded since our survey began. This sits alongside a new record room occupancy rate as well, at 92%, 1% higher than in July last year.

On paper, the attractions didn’t fare so well, however, this is in comparison to an amazing July last year when the Great Gathering of A4s at the NRM to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallard breaking the land speed record exceeded all expectations. As a result, visits to the large attractions are 28% lower than in July 2013, but they do remain 10% higher than in July 2012, which was a more typical year.

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