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Latest Tourism Intelligence - August 2014

More records were broken in August, with July’s highest ever room occupancy record being exceeded in August, at 92% - 3% higher than in August 2013 (which was 89%). The average room rate wasn't quite high enough to beat our July record, however, it took a close second place, at £88.70 and it was 7% higher than in August 2013 (£82.65). 

It’s encouraging to see the small attractions reporting 4% growth in their visitor numbers in August to 27,484, following a slower start to the summer. The big attractions have held steady against the long running exceptional performance that was seen in 2013, with visitor numbers only 1% lower than last year at 419,005. There were 194,090 sessions on in August, 6% more than in August 2013, and the average length of stay has now exceeded 5 nights, as our 'stay longer' message continues to be heard. VisitYork4Meetings has also had a good month, converting a third of all enquiries into bookings.

Footfall through the information centre dropped slightly in August, following a prolonged period of growth, by 2%, despite city centre footfall being much higher than recorded in August 2013; 1.2m people passed through Parliament Street this August.

The year to date performance across all sectors remains positive and although the large attractions currently show a lower total number of visitors against the exceptional 2013, they remain 9% ahead of the more typical 2012.

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