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York Dance Space

Location: 74 Fifth Avenue, York, York, YO31 0XA, United Kingdom
07837 788224 Call Us
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About Us

Independent arts organisation in York. Inspiring people of all ages to Make, Move and Dance.

Our website: HERE

We run a range of programmes from our studio space near York city centre plus projects and initiatives in the wider community in York and North Yorkshire.

At York Dance Space we believe every body dances and aim to provide high quality, creative activities and performances that are suitable for all ages and abilities and are affordable. We hope to improve health and wellbeing through safe and kind dance activities. We also want to contribute to this thriving creative city and bring more professional artists and work to our communities.

Up and coming events:

Free Family Dance Workshops @ York Dance Space

Booking: HERE

Making Moves @ York Theatre Royal

Booking: HERE

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