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Liquid Indulgence

Wine and Spirits Company
Location: 21 Back Lane South, Wheldrake, York
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About Us

Liquid Indulgence – The specialist wine and spirits company. For our website click here

We import fine wine from around 12 countries in the Old and New worlds, supplying many hundreds of high quality red, white and rosé wines, luxury champagnes, proseccos and cavas. We also import a large range of specialist spirits including gins, vodkas, rums, cognacs and vintage ports,

What makes our wines so special?

Our wines come from the best wineries - all privately-owned and centuries old. For generation after generation, they have been producing impeccable wines using the highest quality grapes. The owners are passionate about their wines and a lifetime of experience goes into every bottle. Many of our wines are exclusive to us in the UK and they cannot be bought in supermarkets.

We supply to private individuals for home drinking and to professional people who buy wine to give to their clients as a ‘thank you’.

We provide wines to hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, conference centres, hospitality companies and corporate businesses.

We run professional wine shows that add glamour to your conferences, presentations, award nights, anything related to your business. We bring a smile, outstanding wine, knowledge and fun to your business.

Why Choose Liquid Indulgence? Read more about us on our website click here


We know the people who make your wine and we choose experts who care about quality.


We take great pride in delivering not only top quality wines, but also top quality service


We buy from winemakers who produce a few thousand bottles rather than mass production facilities.


With years of experience, we can give advice and tips on how to choose the right product for you.


We buy wines from award winning wine makers who are amongst the best in their class.


We believe that good wine and quality spirits should be enjoyed – so smile!

Tasting is Believing!

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Sat - By appointment

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