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GeoStories Location Based Drama Experiences

Producing location based audio drama experiences with an AR twist.
About Us

Imagine walking through a doorway and hearing the beginning of a story set in that very place, drawn from the real history of that location, enriched with character, drama and a compelling narrative.

GeoStories are created from hidden histories and inspired by real places.

When visiting a place with a GeoStory, all that is needed is a smartphone and headphones. The stories are triggered by GPS location-based technology so as an individual passes specific places, the story will build in the place they are visiting.

Listeners can also choose to listen to a GeoStory from anywhere, enabling them to be transported to that particular place, and time.

GeoStories go beyond a traditional audio guide experience, bringing to life the people that occupied those places, and the events that took place there, creating a unique, entertaining and immersive experience.

Step into the story... Wherever you are

We are interested in talking to attractions, places and people who might be interested in working with us to create a GeoStory for their place, establishment, town or city. Commissions are more reasonable than you might think, and include writing the story, recording, building the app and launching it through the App Store for you.

Amanda Pearce on 0114 221 0378 or or 07561566778 to find out more and set up a meeting.

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