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About Us

I’m Carole Poirot, photographer and “visual storyteller”. I specialise in photography and styling for commercial and editorial food & lifestyle clients and love creating images that immediately transport the viewer into the scene. I always aim to tell a story through the images I create which is why my overall style is one of relaxed documentary with a hint of imperfection that brings a feel of reality to the images.

Whether you have a quirky market stall or high-end restaurant, you're selling beautiful table linens, handmade ceramics or baskets, an online magazine or print publication, making your images look beautiful and interesting has never been more important. Did you know that you only have 15 seconds to make a first impression on your website before a potential customer decides to leave? Through my experience as a photographer AND stylist, I can help you make the best first impression possible.

How I can HELP YOU:
My aim is to create images that tell a story, YOUR story. I’m not only looking to make your food or product look great, but to draw the viewer into your world. This means that a dish is not just a dish, but a story to be told through a whole narrative leading to the beautifully presented, finished plate. It means that your handmade ceramics are not just cups and vases, but they’re about your creative process.

What you can EXPECT:
Your business, product, food or recipe shot and represented in a set of images tailored to your specific story from “the big picture” to small details. Editorial and documentary style “behind the scenes” and images styled to best represent your business.

What is the FIRST STEP?
Let’s have a FREE chat to determine what your visual story needs to best represent your business, article, recipe or publication. What is the message you're looking to communicate?

Get in touch to have a FREE chat and see how I can help you!
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I'm happy to work on location (UK & International) or remote in my small studio.

AO .com, Peninsula Hotel (Paris), Los Moros (York), Virginia Park Lodge (Ireland), SisterMag (Germany), Jo Wood (Fragrances), Ali Miller London (quirky Tea Cups & Saucers), Rebecca Udall (Luxury Homewares), as well as clients for social media campaigns: M&S, Cloudy Bay, Grey Goose, St Germain, Wines of Germany, Haier UK (appliances), Samsung,, Eurostar, South Tyrol Tourist Board, Simply Saxony (Tourist Board for the Saxony region of Germany).

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