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The Sceptred Isle Chronicles walking tour

Discover Yorks history- No lectures just a passion for the past and the City of York
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About Us

'This Royal Throne, this Sceptred Isle, this stone amongst a silver sea.' Discover Yorks' part in the history of Britain through our Sceptred Isle Chronicles history tour. It lasts up to 2 hours, covering the development of York looking at all the cultures who have walked this way, the military development, the financial influence of guilds and some of the famous names that contribute to the cities past.

We also look at some of the sayings and myths connected to the city and search for their real origins.

Our guides are History graduates but offer no Lecture! We tell history the way it should be, with a passion for the past.

Perfectly paced and aimed for all ages, (1.2 kilometres) join us on an adventure off the beaten track starting from the statue of Constantine the Great at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Bookings only.

Opening Times

9.30am -6pm

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