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As an Occupational Health Nurse, my expertise lies in understanding how the workplace impacts on an individual and how an individual impacts on the workplace, and with Coaching and NLP training I focus on the mental health and happiness of an individual. With this unique combination, I can help you, make your life work for you. No two situations are the same, and no one persons needs are the same, so by spending time understanding you, I can help you to take control of your life, health and happiness.

It used to feel that I was on a treadmill of work until I retired, always rushing and looking for the next "thing" to satisfy me, but never really feeling that I was doing well at anything. Through coaching I have found fulfilment in work as well as in my personal life, and you can too. By making the time to really think and understand what makes you function and thrive, you too can live a life of satisfaction and fulfilment.

I provide a discreet and confidential service to help you to manage your work-life balance, prevent overwhelm, manage work-related stress and help you to make decisions that actually work for you. As life changes so do your requirements, however we often get stuck in a situation just because it has always been like that, or that is the expectation of how we should be living.

I carry out individual coaching, as well as workplace coaching and workshops for the whole team.

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I work flexible hours so please contact me to arrange times. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

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