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We're passionate about Customer Experience! We design and deliver some of the most advanced feedback programmes in the world.

insight6 - Free Mystery Shop & Consultation

We provide all Visit York members with a complimentary mystery shop & consultation to measure your current experience to provide a snapshot of what is your customer perception? This can either be a phone, email or walk-in visit to your venue.

Please don't be scared! We do celebrate what you are good at, but where opportunities exist to improve, we will let you know and provide recommendations.

Is there a catch? If costs are involved i.e. food and drink, entry to your venue, you do need to be prepared to cover that. But apart from the time in sitting down with me to go through the report with you, there is no additional expense to you. You have started the process of helping yourself to retain and gain customers, and sell more.

Businesses we love to help include: Attractions, Education, Event Teams, Farm Shops, Family Businesses, Hotels, Leisure, Professional Services, Opticians, Pubs, Retailers, Restaurants & many more.

If you wish to take up this offer, please either email or call 07891 631869. Mentioning your Visit York membership.

How insight6 can help Visit York members?


We know it's a challenge running a business and it's very typical to hear business owners/managers saying:

- I am frustrated as my team do not deliver to the standards we set
- I am concerned as we need to retain and gain more customers
- I am anxious as we need to make more money, but we are failing to convert a good business enquiry, and/or we are failing to increase the average transaction spend

We love working with local businesses to help them to motivate the team, gain a real understanding of what customers see, feel and hear, and put in place a plan to embed positive behaviours in people, deliver a great customer experience and sell more.

Ian Sadler
07891 631 869