International Campaign - Germany

Key Facts:

  • Germany is Britain’s 3rd most important market for visits (2nd for spend)
  • It is York’s 4th largest international market (9%), featuring in the top 5 over the last 10 years
  • More than three in five of German holiday visitors are making a repeat visit to Britain
  • Virtually all holiday and business visitors are German, but 17% of those visiting friends and relations (VFR) visits are British nationals living in Germany.
  • The priority segments for VisitBritain in Germany are Buzzseekers and Explorers
  • More than three in five of holiday visitors are making a repeat visit to Britain
  • 96% of departing Germans are either ‘likely’ or ‘extremely’ likely to recommend a visit to Britain
  • German visitors are likely to have planned their itinerary in some detail, but younger visitors may be more spontaneous, but all will welcome local recommendations for things to do and see
  • Germans often try to find accommodation that has ‘character’
  • Germans rate Britain highly for cultural and built heritage, contemporary culture, vibrant cities and sports, but less so for scenic natural beauty and welcome, rated 29th and 25th out of fifty nations respectively on these two attributes in 2018
  • Areas of strength for Britain include being somewhere to see ‘famous sites’ and for ‘lots of history’, while very few consider Britain is the ‘best place' for ‘food and drink’

Print and on territory:

We will be issuing a new version of the A5 brochure translated into German. Your venue details will be included

Distribution of the new brochure will be to a select number of key trade accounts in Germany and using VB trade channels and e-newsletters

RDA Cologne – our A5 guide will be distributed at the dedicated coach and groups event held annually in Cologne.

Explorer’s Road – we are part of the Discover England Fund, Explorer’s Road which is targeting German cultural explorers to venture onto the new 300 mile route spanning from London to Northumberland.


Ongoing work on our dedicated trade section in German. Your key partner sheet is included and translated.


We now have a German travel trade database of 206 contacts. (open rate of 24%)

Video with German subtitles.

For more information on our marketing activity in Germany, contact Michelle Brown, Marketing Manager (Leisure), Email:, Tel: 01904 554456.