Membership Healthcheck

12th Apr 2022

How to book Times available to book here - please confirm you would like to attend and email the times you are available to - you will be sent an email to confirm your appointment. Please note your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

We want to ensure all members, whether they have been with us for twelve months or twelve years are aware of all aspects of their membership. To help with this, we have introduced the Membership Healthcheck!

Each month, we are offering the opportunity for our members to book an appointment with our Membership Executive to look through the following aspects:

Your pages on our site

  • What makes a good listing
  • Improvements
  • How to make amends, add photos and update facilities
  • Adding events
  • Increasing traffic to your own website with referrals from VY
  • Ticket sales
  • How to sell rooms with us and link with current Channel Managers (accommodation only)

How to showcase your membership to your guests/customers

Keeping in touch and up to date with upcoming opportunities

Which of the 20 benefits are appropriate for your business and how to make the most from them

What extra advantages you can use to boost your exposure

A look through your statistics

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