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York launches new tour by hologram guides

Connect to the world’s first app tour of hologram guides to take your visit to historic York to a whole new, digital dimension!

This fantastic new City of York Tour App can be downloaded from the Apple Store ( ) and fired up wherever you are. Or, if you’re in York, simply follow directions to the nearest trigger site, aim your smartphone at the view and up pops a hologram.

You can use the free city-centre wi-fi to conjure holograms including Dick Turpin’s hangman, Richard 111’s valet or ‘Railway King’ George Hudson, who each reveal a little of their lives and the area: this is hi-tech history at it’s best!

And you can be photographed with the hologram too – and with the press of a button the photos can be sent to twitter or facebook to share the fun.

The technology’s been developed by York-based Appeartome and, besides City of York Council, is launching it with the Yorkshire Air Museum where you can conjure up characters like Barnes Wallis and George Hayley.

This city-wide app is a joint business venture. The entry level app is free, but there’s a higher spec version priced at £2.99 with profits shared between Appeartome and the council.