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Viking Heroes Take To Tech

Many of them have spent most of their lives in battle, but York’s Viking heroes are having no problems adjusting to the modern age.

Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard, Eric Bloodaxe and the other six heroes will be taking time out from their appearance at The JORVIK Group’s summer ‘Heroes’ exhibition at 10 Coppergate in York over the next two weeks to explore the city and tweet about their experiences.

From 5 August, people will be able to engage with the heroes via the JORVIK Twitter feed (@JorvikViking), when each character will take over for a day over a two-week period.

Marketing officer Paul Whiting explains: “The heroes will all be available on Twitter between 5 and 12 August to share their stories and answer questions about their lives, their conquests, loves, losses and discoveries. By bringing the characters to life in this way, we hope that more people will have an opportunity to engage with them and learn more about life in the Viking age.

“In fact, there are closer links with Vikings and technology than you might think: Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark, was responsible for uniting his people using symbolism – the mass communication of the day - and his name and initials were reportedly the basis a thousand years later for Swedish firm Ericsson’s Bluetooth technology for connecting people. The Bluetooth logo is also made up of his initials – ‘HB’ - in Nordic runes.”

To connect with the JORVIK Heroes on Twitter, follow @JorvikViking between the 5th and 12th August and use the #JorvikHeroes hashtag.


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