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“Thunder Day” – Sunday 4th August

This coming Sunday 4th August the Yorkshire Air Museum will once again come alive to the sound – and smell - of live aircraft engines as our final full “Thunder Day” of the season gets into action.

All six of the Museum’s live aircraft will be fired up in some fashion, split between 3 propeller driven aircraft and the three big jets. The ‘props’ are the WWI SE5a bi-plane, providing an echo of the early days of aviation, the very pretty De Havilland Devon VIP transport and the superb newly restored Douglas C47 / DC Dakota which saw wartime service as a transport aircraft, then a long career as a charter airliner and finally ending its service as a pollution control aircraft. The Devon and Dakota provide plenty of spectacle on start up, as this is usually accompanied by smoke and coughs and splutters as the pistons fire and take hold. Plenty to keep our Fire Team on their toes with, as the odd belch of flame is not unusual on the Dakota!

The jets are the Blackburn Buccaneer XN974, which was the RNAS prototype of this low level strike aircraft in the 1960’s, the awesome “Mighty Hunter” Nimrod MR2 XV250 which will make some real noise with its four Rolls Royce Spey engines, plus the still impressive and futuristic looking Victor V-bomber / tanker, which will conduct a ‘dry’ engine turnover and systems check.

The Fire Team will be kicking off the activities at 10:15am, with their antics with the Fire Hoses – see if your kids can knock over a bollard with a jet of water. Great fun for kid’s of all ages, but arrive early for this, as there is only a half-hour ‘window’ for this before the engine runs start. A hearty Sunday Lunch will be available in our NAAFI restaurant, so why not come along and make a day of it.

Issued by: Ian Richardson, Communications Manager:

01904 608595 / 07740 992 832

Thunder Day 4th August 2013 – Activity Times.

10:15am Fire Team Activities

11:15am SE5a

11:30am DH Devon + short taxi

12:00 noon Lunch

13:00pm SE5a

13:30pm DH Devon - re-start

14:15pm Douglas Dakota

14:45pm Blackburn Buccaneer + short taxi

15:15pm Nimrod MR2

16:00pm Victor (dry start)