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News release - Issued by The Deep

First UK aquarium to culture Atlantic sea nettles and purple striped sea nettles

The Deep has been successful in culturing the beautiful Atlantic Sea Nettle and Purple Striped Sea Nettle jellyfish this week. After receiving polyps (the little anemone like animals from which the jellyfish emerge) from Oceanario De Lisboa earlier in the year the dedicated team have finally been able to culture them ourselves.

Shoshanna Levine, Aquarist at The Deep said: “Culturing jellyfish can be a difficult process with each species having specific requirements. It can take a great deal of time to re-create the right conditions and involves ensuring a number of factors are just right. The Purple Striped Sea Nettles are particularly tricky to culture so this is a fantastic success for us.

“With Jellyfish blooms occurring more frequently each summer, every advancement allows us as experts to learn more about their biology and develop a greater understanding of each species. But for us it’s about educating our customers on these amazing species. The more species we are able to display, the more we can tell our visitors about them.

“People often ask how we work with these animals as they can sting, but most are no worse than being stung by a stinging nettle. When working with them we take every care to avoid any direct contact with the jellyfish unless absolutely necessary. They are very fragile animals, so culturing and taking care of them is a very delicate process.”

The Purple Striped Jellyfish is a brand new species for The Deep and will make a stunning new addition to the exhibits in Cool Seas. Whilst they grow, visitors will be able to observe a variety of colour changes as they near maturity. They are now a couple months old and still have a lot of growing to do. They are classified as one of the true ‘giant’ jellyfish and can grow up to 3ft in diameter and their long trailing tentacles can pack a powerful sting.

Visitors can already enjoy seeing the hypnotic Atlantic Sea Nettles, currently on display in the Cool Seas Zone.


For more information please contact Zoe Montgomerie, Marketing Officer on 01482 381093 or email

Notes to Editors

Earlier in the year The Deep also became first UK aquarium to culture the Black Sea Nettle Jellyfish.

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