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News release - Issued by The Rowntree Society

A new book from the Rowntree Society: Five Walks of Rowntree York: From Chocolate comes Change

The Rowntree Society has produced a 48-page book called Five Walks of Rowntree York: From Chocolate comes Change. This book is a greatly expanded version of the existing leaflet of Rowntree Walks which has been available in venues around the city over the past few years.

The new walk incorporates the City Centre, Clifton, Out of Town, Haxby Road and New Earswick – including a total of 60 stopping points and 8 hours of walking in all. The walks will be of interest not just for their heritage focus, but also for family outings, cyclists, dog walkers and of course keep fit enthusiasts! And the Rowntree Society hopes they will spark fond memories and create talking points for community groups right across the city to continue to share their precious Rowntree memories.

Each stopping point gives a few background facts, suggests something specific to look for, a story to imagine, or a ‘chocolate fact’. It is illustrated by several archive photographs.

This is a new way of telling York’s rich Rowntree history by means of its buildings and public spaces. It includes many hidden nooks and crannies across the whole city and shows just how widespread and omnipresent the Rowntree heritage is everywhere in York - reaching the ring road on the north as well as the south side.

This book is being distributed FREE OF CHARGE…

…but we are inviting donations in the region of £3 per copy (instructions for donations are given in the inside back cover of the book). The donations will help towards our production costs for future editions.

We are not asking your organisation to be involved in the collection of any donations on our behalf – donors can be referred directly to us.

The walks will also be available as a download on the Rowntree Society’s website that is continually being updated to contain anything you ever wanted to know about the Rowntree history and legacy (

Bridget Morris, Executive Director of the Rowntree Society, who is the author of the book, said:

‘We would like this to be more than ‘just another walk’ but to enable people of York, to whom Rowntree means so much, to engage in their own history on the ground. We would like our book to be a cornerstone of Rowntree history in York. We would like it to spawn new stories and memories that can also continue to feed into our well-established Oral History data bank.

Ideally, we should like every household in York to own a copy of this book, so people can go out for walks and rediscover hidden parts of Rowntree York, also to introduce their family, friends and visitors to this very special part of our city’s history. So we reach as wide an audience as possible we’re making it free of charge, even though we’re inviting people to make a donation towards our costs, so we can reprint the book next year.’


Notes to Editors

The Rowntree Society was founded in 2004 as a registered charity aiming to tell the story of the Rowntree family, their business, their passion for reform, and their legacy.

The Rowntree Society provides information about any aspect of the Rowntree legacy by means of educational resources, leadership and guidance. It does this mainly by means of a website (, walks, talks, film materials, and publications. Its core work on a day-to-day basis is to act as information point, facilitator, and reliable authority on all things Rowntree, and to ensure that the ‘Rowntree ethos’ is kept in focus, especially for future generations.