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News Release – Issued by The JORVIK Group

Merriment Brings Medieval Festival To York City Centre

All the fun – including fighting and falconry – of the medieval fair will come to the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York city centre for a special Bank Holiday Monday of historic crafts and demonstrations as the finale event of the JORVIK Medieval Festival.

The event will see the grounds of the 650 year old building taken over by characters from the period, bringing the ambience of a medieval holiday to life at the heart of the city.

“The medieval timeline stretched over several centuries, from the Viking era right through to the last Plantagenet king, Richard III, so this is a fantastically rich period of history to recreate,” comments festival director, Danielle Daglan of the JORVIK Group of Attractions & Events. “In medieval England, the concept of having leisure time was virtually unknown, with workers dedicating their Sundays to worship, and every other day spent working, so religious holidays or feast days – when everyone downed their tools and came together with their neighbours for fun and games – were absolutely cherished and a hugely important part of life.”

21st century visitors to the event will be able to enjoy a taste of many different branches of medieval life, from chivalrous knights hosting have-a-go sword-fighting sessions, to archers demonstrating and teaching essential skills with a bow. Anyone feeling overcome with the excitement of the event will be invited to visit the Barber-Surgeon, a gentleman tasked with removing far more than just whiskers, as he also served as a medieval ‘doctor’ – though many of his cures may well have involved the removal of blood or even limbs!

Also in the grounds, a ‘hawk mews’ will enable visitors to see some noble birds of prey up close, and hear about how important these animals were throughout the medieval period, not only in the sport of kings, but also to deliver fresh game to the dinner table for many rural families. The falconers and historic interpreters will also be joined by modern day swords-people using historical methods, and there will be lots of opportunities for children to get hands-on with crafts and activities

Medieval Merriment runs from 10.00am to 4.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday 31 August. Admission to the event is free, although there is a small charge for some of the activities.

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