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Interactive Prints: Nathan Walsh at According to McGee

The trans-Atlantic links between York and New York are set to receive some creative consolidation, via York based charity New Visuality and an exhibition at 5th Avenue in New York.

York’s own Nathan Walsh is an internationally established painter, readying to exhibit his astonishingly photorealist cityscapes at New York’s Bernarducci Meisel gallery.

Four days before the show launches on 7th November, New Visuality have sourced gallery space in York as, in the words of director Greg McGee, a ‘pre-exhibition warm up gig.’ “It’s a celebration of the traditional links between York and New York,” says Greg, “and it’s also an opportunity to test some very innovative and experimental approaches, as well as integrating the art with creative responses from some of the most vulnerable people in UK society. On every level, it’s coup for us, York, disadvantaged participants, and researchers at the cutting edge of digital art.” New Visuality’s exhibition of Walsh’s work is titled ‘Interactive Prints’ and takes place at York’s city centre white cube, ‘According to McGee’. Huge prints of Nathan Walsh’s work will dominate the front room, and smaller limited edition posters, all available for purchase, will be displayed in the back room. Says Greg, “The space is ideal. York’s Clifford Tower, opposite the gallery, will be facing a 3 meter print of Walsh’s ‘Transamerica’. ‘Transamerica’ is a beautiful, bejewelled cityscape of San Francisco. What’s great about it is that on a traditional level it’s rigorously observed and painstakingly crafted. On another level, Walsh has painted it in concert with Newcastle University’s Culture Lab so that with a free app developed especially for it, viewers can see the path the painting took, from its sketches to its final completed mark. Come over and see for yourself. Download the app ‘Repentir’, hold your iPod or iPhone in front of the print and you’ll see the history of one of the most beautiful cityscapes reveal itself. It’s cinematic stuff, and changes completely the way you see art. The main print is in the gallery, and the gallery lights will be on all night to allow for viewers to interact through the main window. The posters are available to buy, take home and amaze your friends. You'll have art in your hallway that, by day, is a stylish poster and becomes, once you’ve got Repentir downloaded, cutting edge, limited edition digital art. How's that for a dinner party conversation piece?"

Nathan Walsh says, “'I've been working with Culture Lab for the past eighteen months so it'll be exciting to see how people respond to their projects. Its also exciting to have an opportunity to show the results of this work in the city that I live and work in.” 

Says Greg, "It's exactly this kind of cross pollination that keeps the Northern UK art scene so competitive and relevant. Nathan's art is one of our most exciting exports, and for him to agree to collaboration in 'old York' before he hits New York is a real adrenaline shot in the arm. Ultimately, once the warm up exhibition and the solo show have been wrapped up, then the legacy gets under way. Using Nathan's work to inspire creative responses in disabled participants and then subsequently bringing the magic of Repentir to their posters and prints is as gratifying and as exciting as anything we've ever planned for. These are unchartered waters, and we feel that New Visuality is at last finding in these collaborations its natural habitat."

INTERACTIVE PRINTS Nathan Walsh at According to McGee opens on Sunday 3rd November, 6pm.