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Fairfax House 250th Anniversary Town House Party

Join us at Fairfax House, England’s finest Georgian Town House, for an evening of truly Georgian food, drink and revelry!

In 1760 Viscount Fairfax bought a house in Castlegate, York, as a home for his daughter and himself during the social season in York, the centre of fashionable life in the Georgian North of England. He hired the greatest contemporary York architect, John Carr, and the most expert craftsmen that could be found, and spent thousands of pounds transforming it into an exquisite showpiece of taste and elegance, with the lavish plasterwork and carved timberwork, a magnificent staircase and some of the finest interiors in any town house in England. In April 1763 he celebrated the completion of this refurbishment and the opening of this stunning house with a lavish party for two hundred guests – certainly one of the most dazzling social events eighteenth-century York had ever seen.

Two hundred and fifty years on, Fairfax House remains a place of beauty and elegance, a place to enjoy, admire and celebrate. After the Viscount’s day Fairfax House suffered many decades of neglect and decline, but was splendidly restored in the 1980s to become the exquisite Georgian town house museum we see today, one of the treasures of York and home to the stunning Noel Terry Collection of Georgian Furniture and Clocks, a collection of unparalleled quality and importance. So today, in the heart of bustling modern York, Fairfax House is preparing to mark its 250th Anniversary by following the Viscount’s example and throwing a spectacular party – a sparkling evening of truly Georgian dining, drinking, dancing and revelry.

On 19 April 2013 Fairfax House will be celebrating its 250th anniversary and celebrating three decades of success as one of York’s foremost heritage attractions and the finest Georgian town house in England with a spectacular Town House Party. Lucky guests, many in Georgian costume, will enjoy a feast of the finest eighteenth-century-style food and drink and a plethora of authentic Georgian entertainments from dancing to card-playing. It all adds up to an evening full of style, elegance, history – and a riot of Hogarthian revelry!

Hannah Phillip, Director of Fairfax House, said, ‘It isn’t often we have the opportunity to step back in time 250 years and experience partying Georgian style. Here at Fairfax House we pride ourselves on giving our visitors an authentic experience of the eighteenth century, so it is very appropriate that we are marking our 250th anniversary by throwing a truly spectacular and truly Georgian night of food, fun and festivity. Our staff will all be taking on Georgian roles for the event, from Viscount Fairfax and his daughter to the butler and the maids, and we hope our guests will also get into the spirit of things by dressing in eighteenth-century style on the night. With feasting, dancing and authentic Georgian entertainments this will really be a party to remember – a once-in-250-years celebration!’

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