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Dream Yards

A show about flying, lucidity and Yorkshire dreams.

Written and performed by Gary Winters and Claire Hind Dream Yards premiers at York Theatre Royal on Tuesday 19th November 2013 and will be available for touring from spring 2014. Description Imagine an island in the Pacific Ocean where King Lear, his Fool, the Abominable Sigmund Freud, King Kong and Amelia Earhart are all fatigued. That is until they find a man with dark glasses and the voice of an angel to sing them to sleep.

“If I were to wake you now, you may not know to tell me that you were dreaming.” Two performers playfully share dream stories through a medley of iconic and endearing characters. Part talk show, part neuro-psychoanalyst’s couch, our host Kong Lear [sic] is troubled with the riddles of dream generation and sleep science. The performance charts a journey through the nightly stages of sleep that lead us deep into the desires of our id – the part of us that never sleeps; if it did we would die. Uh.

Background to the Dream Yards project

In late 2012 we collected accounts of Yorkshire dreams. We set up a series of dream drop-in events where we invited the public to donate the images and written descriptions of their dreams. By dreams we mean the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night or disappear in an instant in the morning; those ones that really get to you and make you feel a bit strange for the rest of the day or for years to follow, the ones that mean nothing, or those dreams where you prance around.

Dreaming proper, we have discovered, keeps you healthy.

The first development of this gathered material was a free weekly walking tour around the city of York, performed through its Snickelways and yards; mapping onto the ginnels and alleyways these fantastic and mundane dream stories. We reclaimed the city as a waking dream and stopped the traffic. A gallery exhibition also surfaced some of these accounts, directly using the handwritten and drawn images of the dreamers, together with fragile and outmoded Letraset – text that can split, break and disappear from the page. Now our touring studio show playfully delves into the hidden worlds and narratives connected to iconic figures and fictional characters that we have become interested as material in our work. It also looks towards some of the discussions we’ve had with the leading neuro-psychoanalyst Professor Mark Solms on the subject of dreams.

Email Gary and Claire at: or tel: 07904415441

Dream Yards is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England