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News Release - Issued by Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York

DOUBLE TAKE: Les Acteurs and La Dispute

DOUBLE TAKE is a dynamic new revival of two of Marivaux’s most flamboyant comedies; Les Acteurs and La Dispute. The newly translated plays will be
presented as a double bill, offering a rare opportunity to see a revival of two 18th
century pieces in the department of Theatre, Film and Television’s 220 seat
Scenic Stage.

In Les Acteurs, a mischievous play is conducted by the valet Merlin, orchestrated
by his devious Mistress, Madame Amelin. However, it is the day of his master’s
wedding to the beautiful Angelique. As chaos ensues, the line between
performance and reality becomes increasingly blurred. Merlin’s planned
masterpiece quickly falls into disarray...Les Acteurs is a play about three couples,
two families and a wedding to remember. Confusion and trickery are at the heart
of this witty and entertaining translation. It’s time to play your cards, and hope you
have the winning hand.

In La Dispute, you sit shoulder to shoulder with an aristocratic Prince and his love
Hermiane as four orphans become subject to a eccentric social experiment, in
order to put to rest an age old quarrel: who is most likely to be unfaithful first –
man or woman? La Dispute engages in the nature vs. nurture debate, twisting it
with a pinch of fairy-tale nostalgia, and creating a unique concoction of the
scientific and the fantastical in its quest to determine the chemistry of attraction.

Through these humorous yet provocative plays, Marivaux explores the social
experiments of the time, challenges societal conventions and captures the
experiences of men and women when faced against trials of marriage, temptation
and trickery. Working closely with industry professionals; designer Jan Bee
Brown, producer Liam Evans-Ford and translator Professor David Johnston, this
production has firm foundations in extensive dramaturgical research and
professional production values. DOUBLE TAKE will run for three nights only from
5th-7th March and will provide the last opportunity to see this talented group in

For any enquires, please contact our producer Emily Sillett on:

Mobile: 07851 742545