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News Release - Issued by Unicorn Films 

York Historic Capital of the North 

{ For TV acquisition, DVD and Blu Ray release- }

Executive Producers – Unicorn Films
Filmed - Directed by Aidan Doyle
Lighting Cameraman Josh White
Sound Recordist – Ken Tuohy
Narrator/ Presenter - Michael Portillo

In this new release programme on York. Michael Portillo will explore the Roman,Anglo Saxon,Viking and Norman influence of this historic city. Get to see York's Roman Baths, visit the Yorkshire Museum and get up close with some of its great treasures.

Take a tour of York Minster -the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe.
Get to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre and travel back in time one thousand years to Viking York.
Spend time in the Debtors prison at The Castle Museum and learn the fate of York's most notorious criminal.

At Cliffords Tower Michael Portillo and local guide Mark Graham will discuss one of York's darkest episodes, the anti semetic riots of 1190 in which hundreds of city jews perished.

Finally Michael Portillo will climb on board Queen Victoria's favourite Royal Carriage and relive the experience of Victorian Royal travel.

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