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Discover York's heritage

York's heritage sites

York Minster and the York walls truly capture not only York’s but also England’s long history from the Romans and the Vikings to the Danes and the Saxons.

If you want to truly experience York’s long heritage, visit these two architectural wonders. The York walls are not only significant because of their age but they are also the longest medieval city walls in England. There is not a better way of viewing the city and the endless artefacts of its amazing past than walking along all or part of the City walls to complete the circuit which takes approximately two hours.

York Minster is the symbol of York and a must see experience. The medieval stained glass from the Minster’s Great East Window, is described as the English Sistine Chapel and its long history is now presented in an amazing interactive exhibition, Revealing York Minster. Live a 2000-year heroic, historic and human journey through new audiovisual and interactive galleries beneath York Minster.

Walk in the footsteps of Roman soldiers, discover dramatic events that threatened the Minster, and explore the lives of the people, who have made this one of the greatest cathedrals in the world.


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