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Must See York

Things that you can't miss out on when visiting with your group.

York Minster - the largest Gothic Cathedral North of the Alps

York Minster

Once you arrive in the city, a visit to York Minster is a must! This is Northern Europe's largest Gothic Cathedral, which took over 250 years to complete. You can explore all the history this magnificent building has to offer in over an hour with a Minster Guided tour.

Revealing York Minster - the newest and largest cathedral visitor attraction in the UK will open on 25th May. It tells the story of the last 2000 years at the historic site, from the Romans to its modern day custodians.

Explore the city walls and get the best views of York

City Walls

No visit would be complete without having walked the city walls. At just over two miles (3.4 kilometres), they are also the longest city walls in the UK. For the best view try the stretch from Bootham Bar to Monk Bar - you will not be disappointed.

Yorkshire Museum Groups Information

Yorkshire Museum

Welcome to the History of York. If you want to see York, see the Yorkshire Museum first. From prehistory to the city's medieval splendour, this amazing place tells the whole story in its fantastic galleries. Walk on a genuine Roman mosaic floor, kneel at St. William's medieval shrine, see the monsters of the deep that swam when Yorkshire was beneath the sea and all in the heart of the city.

York's CHOCOLATE Story Groups Information

York's CHOCOLATE Story

York's CHOCOLATE Story is an entertaining and informative guided tour through the history of York;s most famous chocolate-making families and their finest creations. You'll discover chocolate's origins, how to make it, how to taste it like an expert and even the sustainable future of chocolate. You'll also uncover a host of surprising secrets and fascinating facts behind York's greatest chocolate creations, from the Chocolate Orange to the globally famous Kit Kat. 

Step back in time at JORVIK Viking Centre

JORVIK Viking Centre

The JORVIK Viking Centre literally flies visitors back in time to Viking age York as you explore the crowded streets of old Jorvik (the Viking name for York) and discover the sights (and smells) of this bustling city.


Go back in time and meet up with Dick Turpin at York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

Continue your time traveling adventure as you delve into York's past with a trip to the fascinating York Castle Museum, from an Edwardian pub, Victorian Police Station and Dick Turpin's prison cell to an exhibition on the swinging sixties!

Clifford's Tower Group Visits

Clifford's Tower

It's no surprise that the spectacular views you get of York's historic city centre are what makes Clifford's Tower one of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire. Set on a tall mound, this imposing tower is almost all that remains of ork Castle, originally built by William the Conqueror.

The York Dungeon Groups

The York Dungeon

Exciting, scary and bloody funny stories told by a brilliant cast of professional actors, 11 shows, authentic sets and costumes and amazing special effects are awaiting at the York Dungeon. Set off on a thrill-filled journey through 2000 years of York's murky history.

The National Railway Museum is perfect for groups large and small!

National Railway Museum

Your final stop is the National Railway Museum. Explore the three giant halls full of trains and railway legends. You will find all the classics here from the Mallard and Queen Victoria's Royal Carriages to modern day examples such as Eurostar and the Japanese Bullet Train.

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