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Ghosts & Ghouls

Take your group on a trip around Britain's most haunted city.

Have a scarily good time and get scared stiff at York Dungeon

York Dungeon

Better. Bolder. Funnier.

Nobody tells stories like the York Dungeon: exciting, scary and bloody funny. With a brilliant cast of professional actors, 11 shows, authentic sets and costumes and amazing special effects, they'll take you on a unique thrill-filled journey through 2000 years of York's murky history.


Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar

Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar

Micklegate Bar, the iconic royal gateway of the City of York, invites you to discover The Henry VII Experience.

Explore the life of the first Tudor King as he created a new era in English History, after defeating his rival Richard III.



Richard III Experience

Richard III Experience at Monk Bar

The JORVIK Group’s newest attraction invites you to step foot into the historic Monk Bar to discover The Richard III Experience.

Explore the life of the last Plantagenet King as he struggled for the throne and power during his short reign.



Barley Hall - Plague, Poverty and Prayer Group Information

Barley Hall - Plague, Poverty and Prayer

Plague Poverty and Prayer is a new exhibition at Barley hall exploring the everyday life for the citizens of York - from Norman invasion to Tudor times.

Explore interactive displays and learn about the new research and recently excavated skeletal material to find out some of the gruesome details about illnesses and diseases from the period, how they were treated and the ever-present mysticism surrounding them.


Treasurer's House Ghost Sightings Group Information

Treasurer's House - Roman Legion Sightings

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the sightings of the famous lost Roman Legion in the cellars of Treasurer's House. The house was built only fifteen inches over an old Roman road and it is said that the ghostly troop had been seen on several occasions.



The Roman Bath Group Info

The Roman Bath

Discover the world of the legionaries hidden in the cellar of one of York's famous pubs. The Roman Bath was excavated in 1930 and these days visitors can walk through the Tepidarium (warm room), Caldarium (hot steam room) and Frigidarium (cold plunge pool), to see how the legionaries passed their free time..


Abbot Tours Group Information

Ghost Walk Experience

The Ghost Walk Experience visits Monk Bar Gate Tower, where Catholics were imprisoned and their heads and body parts were placed on spikes, takes you further along the city walls to Harlot Hill Tower. Will you see the headless ghostly apparition?



Ghost Creeper Group Information

Ghost Creeper

Follow the Ghost Detective of York, England, and investigate bloodcurling tales of scandal and death. The Ghost Creeper tells stories of phantoms, ghosts and apparitions. Join him on his walking tour through narrow passageways and dark streets... 



The Ghost Trail of York

The Ghost Trail of York

Travel back in time, cross the centuries and experience the stories that make up the hidden and blood chilling history of York's tradition with the Ghost Trail of York.




Original Ghost Walk

The Original Ghost Walk of York

The Original Ghost Walk of York is believed to be the world's first ghost walk. Explore the history and mystery, the folklore and legends without tricks or gimmicks through professional, artistuc production.




The York Terror Trail

The York Terror Trail

The York Terror Trail is an informative and atmospheric tour of York, with which you will visit numerous sites of historical interest. The tour will show you the intriguing side of the ancient city of York...




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