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Up Next: 10th February 2024, 7:00pm
Location: York Mansion House, St Helen's Square, York
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Become a paranormal investigator for the evening and uncover the dark mysteries of the York Mansion House, where the ghosts of the past haunt throughout this historic building.

Dating back to the 1700's, York Mansion House stands on the edge of a Roman fortress gateway and on the site of a chapel/hospital and a public house.

This house is a place of many ghostly tales, told by Lord Mayors, staff and visitors alike. Walking around here gives you a sense that you are being watched from every floor level. The basement kitchens seem to be the most haunted, where mysterious phenomena have occurred. Unexplained voices, laughter and crying are heard when no one is around, and strange noises have come from behind locked doors. A staff member saw a figure in the window that vanished when she looked closer. A visitor followed a man who walked through the kitchens, only to find them empty and one member of staff refused to come back to work after having ghostly encounters. Apparitions, ghostly noises, eerie events that defy explanation and even a ghostly car have all been experienced here.

During a previous investigation a mannequin that had been motionless for days in the ‘secret room’ was suddenly pushed over during our Human Pendulum activity when we spoke to a woman from the house. Was she trying to warn us? This room was a place for clandestine meetings in the 1700’s and was off-limits to all but the invited. What was she trying to tell us? A low deposit of £21.25 will secure your place.

What secrets does this house hold? There is the not so secret Moggy Mortis, the mummified cat that lives inside the house. The cat was found under the floorboards of the attic rooms where the domestic staff lived, and it dates back to the 1830’s. It rested on a bed of hazelnut shells, which were a symbol of protection, fertility and wisdom. Was it placed there on purpose to guard the house from witchcraft, superstition and evil spirits? A cavity in a basement wall concealed a collection of bones, a bottle and a glass goblet. The builders hid them following a customary ritual in the 18th century, to express their pride in their work and their wish to be remembered. Will we reach out to these people, hoping they still seek recognition? Throughout the building there are inscriptions of names, dates and good luck symbols dating back to 1726.

What to expect on a PRY night - Our team will help you to explore your senses to investigate the paranormal using traditional and modern communication techniques and guest participation is encouraged! You will get to use the latest paranormal equipment and take part in experiments such as table tipping, planchettes, lone vigils and seances. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investigator, this event will leave you wanting more. This is an interactive event and you will get to try the activities for yourselves - you will be involved in the investigation as much as you dare to be!

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