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The Music Of The Lord of The Rings And The Hobbit And The Rings Of Power Live In Concert

Up Next: 6th April 2023, 4:00pm
Location: Paragon Street, York, YO10 4NT
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The hobbits are coming – with their music!

The musical world of hobbits and elves from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit” will be performed in a concert by a symphonic orchestra, choir, and star soloists.

A two-hour matinee performance features original star guests and unique music, reaching from the threatening sounds of Mordor and the shrill attack of the black riders to the beautiful lyrical melodies of the elves.

"Fascinating how the spark ignites at this concert. ... And not only real Frodo disciples should get their money’s worth with so much well-done entertainment. ...And lo and behold, the Gewandhaus becomes Middle-earth."

“You will witness an elaborate production. ... The choir and the orchestra play the soundtrack with great force and passion, while the vocal soloists provide lyrical moments. ... The ensemble is rewarded with standing ovations.”

“A highly emotional and mythical experience not only for die-hard ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans was the live concert of the probably most famous saga in the world.... The tension and romanticism of the powerful sound creation with echoes of Wagner’s operas or Orff’s Car mina Burana was perceptible at all times and always provided goose bumps – and plenty of applause for the artists.”

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