The Immortality Project

Up Next: 15th July 2022, 12:00am
The Immortality Project

Poetic Theatre comes to York


Hannah Jade Robbins of Thought-Chain Theatre will present her debut solo show, ‘The Immortality Project’, at Theatre @ 41, York, on the 15th & 16th of July, 2022. In exploring her relationship with her Grandma, The Immortality Project invites audiences onto a personal and poetic journey of how dementia effects the human mind.

“The poetry in this show began as therapy,” Hannah admits. “I was so desperately trying to understand the cruel and strange effects of dementia on my grandma’s brain. Several years later, after my grandma’s passing, I re-worked the endless poetry I had written into a piece of visual theatre.”

By crossing the boundaries between Performance Poetry, symbolic imagery and live music, the production explores the themes of family, ageing and illness. Through a poetic outpour of personal monologues, combined with scientific research, the show encapsulates the feeling of what it might be like to lose your mind to dementia.

“I became fixated on finding beauty in decay” says Hannah. “Making art became an essential tool for processing my grief and I really wanted to reach out to other families who may relate to this experience”. Hannah promises to provide a space for poignant refection about memories and meanings that are important to us.

Hannah is no stranger to the northern theatre circuit. In early 2019, she co-created her own company, Thought-Chain Theatre. The following December, at SevenArts, Leeds, the company staged their debut production ‘Effie’s Burning’ by Valarie Windsor.

Ben Hopwood, the artistic director of Thought-Chain Theatre, rejoins Hannah for ‘The Immortality Project’ as he directs the piece for it’s opening performance in York.

“It is a pleasure to work with Hannah once more, on a project which is deeply personal to her,” Ben says. “We hope to give further voice to a difficult and confusing time in the lives of those suffering from dementia. Through her direct experience of a family member with dementia, expressed in poetical prose, Hannah captures both the sorrows and hope we might all feel when a loved one starts to lose their way to an illness such as this.”

The Immortality project runs at Theatre @ 41 from the 15th to the 16th of July, 2022. Tickets are available on the Theatre’s website,;

Further information:

Contact: Hannah Jade Robbins



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