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Sharmini's On-line Indian Cookery sessions

5th Feb 2021
Location: Online Indian cookery session, York, United Kingdom
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Online Indian cookery classes Did you know that the number of people who made meals from scratch rose by 62% during the lockdown this year? What initially was born of necessity, cooking has now become a fun, relaxing and rewarding activity.“I started teaching Indian Cookery over 2 decades ago in York to convey to students how easy it is to cook authentic Indian meals at home. During the lockdown it was gratifying to receive emails from my students saying that they recreated recipes they learnt years ago and they still thoroughly enjoying it.”Sharmini refuses to let COVID-19 rain on her parade as she sees this as an opportunity to bring cooking to your home through technology.Introducing Sharmini’s Virtual Cook - Along Indian Cookery ClassesOnline cookery classes have become quite the rage this year with people looking for new fun ways to spend time with their loved ones.​​​​​Amazing benefitsYou are able to cook from the comfort of your homeNo more social distancing, shielding and feeling lonely.Businessare able to conduct social bonding activities by cooking along with ColleaguesAfter the session, have your own Zoom or Facetime session with them and enjoy the meal together.with a glass of wineOr Invite friends or family to join you at the session and cook the meal together.Enjoy a new delicious 'lifelong skill' which uses all your 5 sensesHow does it work?Contact me on will discuss the date, time and Menu for the sessionIt will be a 1 ½ hour long session during which you will learn to cook 1 main dish and 1 side dish.You will be sent list of ingredients required along with a set of instructions for basic prep work.A link for the online cookery event will be sent to you which you will need to join through your computer or smart device.What you will need?Any one device through which you can log in (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone). The device will need to have a camera, microphone and high speed working internet.A hob to cook on.Course Cost: £25.00 pp Only 12 spacesUnderstanding the mysteries of the Indian Cuisine is in the proportion of ingredients used​,​ the layering of spices and a handful of secret tips and tricks.

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