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Up Next: 2nd November 2022, 7:30pm
Location: Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall
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R 540 x 304 VY

Ritual is an exploration of an imagined staged action in the manner of a Happening. The performance will be based on selected texts from Stockhausen’s Aus den sieben Tagen and Für kommende Zeiten and Christian Wolff’s Prose Collection. This year’s Practical Project sees students create structured intuitive performances of these pieces. The ritual will last around 80 minutes without an interval. Come and be immersed in something a little different!

Music at York’s annual Practical Project involves all first-year undergraduates, as well as many second- and third-year students, in a large-scale music-theatre production. An intensive five-week rehearsal period culminates in a succession of public performances.

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