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Race Day Brunch - Sora Sky Bar

Up Next: 14th July 2023, 10:30am
Location: Sora Sky Bar York
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Indulge in the pinnacle of sophistication with the race day brunches at SORA, the premier dining destination during the York races throughout the year.

Every race day, guests are invited to revel in a sumptuous culinary experience, tantalizing their taste buds with an exquisite array of gastronomic delights. The alluring aroma of freshly baked Bao buns greets guests as they enter the elegant rooftop dining haven, where the ambiance is perfectly complemented by the strains of captivating music.

As guests take in the breath taking views of the city's rooftop skyline, they are served with two glasses of luxurious Champagne, elevating their brunch experience to unprecedented heights. This culinary journey is a must for discerning foodies who crave delectable flavours and an unparalleled ambiance.

Ticket price includes:

- Two glasses of Champagne per person

- Two Bao buns per person

- Ambient music

- Rooftop access

Race dates available:

Dante Festival Weds 17th, Thurs 18th & Fri 19th May 2023

EBOR Festival Weds 23rd, Thurs 24th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th August 2023

Sora Roof Bar & Terrace Opening Hours


Wednesday & Thursday 12:00 - 00:00

Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 01:00

Sunday 12:00- 12:00

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