Put On Shorts

29th Sep 2021 - 2nd Oct 2021

Hilariously funny and brilliantly thought provoking theatre from four Yorkshire writers. David Allison, Steve Brennen, Lisa Holdsworth and Graham Rollason.

A selection of acclaimed short plays examine Maggie Thatcher’s relationship with Jimmy Saville, what really happened on day three in the Garden of Eden, how a perfect murder ends in a real cliff hanger and discover the real reason why a Yorkshire pensioner tried to smuggle a fruit cake through Australian customs. And, needless to say, much, much more.

Originally performed in Leeds either as part of Slung Low Shorts, Leeds Pub Theatre/Leeds Literature Festival and in York Theatre Royal’s studio as part of Script Yorkshire’s Page to Stage competition, these short plays thoroughly deserve another airing.

What better way to mark the beginning of live theatre being back to normal?

The above is a rhetorical question. Answers on postcards are not required.

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