Pronoun Trouble

21st Oct 2021

Miscellaneous subjects that crossed my mind while listening to a lecture about Chuck Jones’s Hunting Trilogy (1951-53) (which was nevertheless really good).

Ben is listening to a talk about a wonderful series of Chuck Jones cartoons, but his thoughts travel in various directions.

There's his favourite mugs and T-shirts, words and books.

Meanwhile the lecturer is following her own sweet way, quoting obscure academics, and offering a different way of looking at the world.

When the threads start to entangle, what results is a whole knot of nonsense.

Using Powerpoint and stand-up, Pronoun Trouble is a hilarious, highly original, fact-adjacent lecture about three extraordinary short films, friendship, and a whole ton of other topics.

Ben Moor is a Herald Angel Award winner.

Each of Us, his previous show, was described as “A guaranteed cure for all forms of disillusionment” by The Financial Times and "Irreverent, inventive, beautiful" by The Guardian.

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