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Professor Brian Cox - Horizons: A 21st Century Space Odyssey

Up Next: 21st February 2024, 6:30pm
Location: York Barbican

Having set two Guinness World Records with his previous sell-out World Tour, Professor Brian Cox is

back in regional theatres to see off the sellout Arena tour HORIZONS.

Horizons has taken over 250,000 people across three continents on a dazzling journey; a story of how

we came to be and what we can become. Using state of the art screen technology, venues across the

world from New Zealand to the Arctic Circle have been filled with images of far-away galaxies, alien

worlds, supermassive black holes and the latest theories of the origin of the Universe. What is the

nature of space and time? How did life begin, how rare might it be and what is the significance of life in

the Cosmos? What does it mean to live a small, finite life in a vast, eternal Universe? Having travelled

the world, it’s now time to bring Horizons back home to the UK for a final journey around our

magnificent and baffling Universe.

Horizons is a celebration of our civilisation, of our music, art, philosophy and science; an optimistic

vision of our future if we continue to explore Nature with humility and to value ourselves and our fellow

human beings.

'A Jaw-dropping reminder that human life is both irrelevant and hugely precious.’

**** The Guardian

‘Science and cosmology doesn’t get any more dazzling and interesting than this – a wonderful journey

through space and time orchestrated by Professor Brian Cox.’

Daily Echo

‘Stunning’ ****Liverpool Echo

‘Is your brain hurting yet? Because mine certainly was, but in beautifully, mind-expanding sort of

way…We came away with a new found of love of the basics of science and maths, and a thirst to learn

more’ Express and Star

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