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La Palatine

Up Next: 8th December 2022, 7:00pm
Location: National Centre for Early Music
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Marie Théoleyre soprano
Murielle Pfister violin
François Gallon cello
Nicolas Wattinne theobo, guitar
Guillaume Haldenwang harpsichord

Fiesta Galante

Following on from their sparkling debut in York last December, we are delighted to welcome the acclaimed French baroque ensemble La Palatine back to our stage in a programme marking the accession of the Bourbons to the Spanish throne in 1700. Celebrating the new Italianate spirit as it spread through Spain, La Palatine offers a festive and colourful range of different musical genres: acrobatic sonatas, dancing cantatas, guitar pieces. The highlight of the programme will be Nebra’s sacred cantatas, played and enjoyed from Europe, all the way to Guatemala.

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