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Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Merchant Adventurers Hall, York

Up Next: 27th October 2023, 7:00pm
Location: The Merchant Adventurers' Hall, Fossgate, York, YO1 9XD
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The Merchant Adventurers Hall

Join us this Halloween to investigate this 14th century building in the heart of York once again!

The Merchant Adventurers' Hall's Ghostly Sightings When we last investigated, we were intrigued with the Hall's activity and unexplained noises from within the building. Previous guests have communicated with Vikings, heard footsteps walking through the rooms, seen shadows crossing floors, unexplained mists in the Undercroft, heard the sound of monks chanting and children's laughter not only by the fireplace, but throughout the Undercroft. We have had direct responses to our questions during vigils and captured some Class A EVP's (clear voices captured on audio). Not only are there are spirits of children, but also Judges and those who were tried in the court and the 'men only room' on the second floor is only for the brave. One of the Hallkeepers who was with us one evening was touched by something he cannot explain. Who or what was it? Join us to find out.

This magnificent medieval building has been here since 1357 and is still used today. We offer an array of modern and traditional activities during our investigations and it is our aim to give you the best Ghost Hunting experience possible. This is an interactive event and you will get to try the activities for yourselves - you will be involved in the investigation as much as you dare be!

The history Resting on the foundations of a Norman mansion, archaeological excavations have found Viking, Noman and Medieval artefacts below and around the Hall. Built in 1357, this Hall is rich in history and spirits of those long gone. The anterooms upstairs were used as sale rooms and homes for caretakers and their families. The Undercroft was used as a hospital or almshouse from 1373-1900. The inmates were poor and infirm men and women. Scorch marks on the wooden pillars show use of candles and torches for lighting. The Chapel was built in 1420 and the Chaplains who cared for the inmates conducted services in the Chapel. This location is full of history and also full of spirit activity. Whether you are a novice, curious or seasoned investigator, this venue is not to be missed. We have had some fantastic evidence that has turned sceptics into believers and the guest feedback has been awesome - will the spirits welcome us back?

What to expect on a PRY night On our ghost hunts you can use your senses to feel if someone or something is with you. PRY help you to explore your senses to investigate the paranormal using traditional and modern communication techniques and guest participation is encouraged! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investigator, this event will leave you wanting more.

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