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Up Next: 3rd June 2023, 8:00pm
Location: Fairfield Manor Hotel, (Mercure), Shipton Road, York
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The Fairfield Manor has been a famous stud farm a children's psychiatric hospital a TB hospital and a Sanatorium - not forgetting it was a family home too. During previous investigations guests have experienced being pushed over and some have been unable to stay in rooms during activities. Objects have been thrown disembodied voices heard partial apparitions seen unexplained mists captured on camera and the staff themselves feel uneasy in some areas and have themselves seen things they cannot explain and this is one of our scariest venues - time permitting you will get access to the morgue. The Morgue is an area where you may or may not want to venture alone. Ghostly voices have been recorded here again with intelligent responses to questions. This is not a ghost walk this is a paranormal investigation!

What to expect on a PRY night - On our ghost hunts you can use your senses to feel if someone or something is with you. PRY help you to explore your senses to investigate the paranormal using traditional and modern communication techniques and guest participation is encouraged! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investigator this event will leave you wanting more. This venue is Exclusive to Paranormal Research York.

Join us if you dare!

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