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Gary Meikle: 2.5

Up Next: 5th May 2023, 8:00pm
Location: Paragon Street, York, YO10 4NT
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Scottish Comedy Award Winner Gary Meikle returns to York Barbican with his third live show, or 2.5 as he's calling it!

Speaking about the show, Gary Meikle said; "I’ve had several top professionals and industry people tell me over the years that I shouldn’t swear as much on stage, that I shouldn’t be as crude or as edgy as I am but guess what, they likely don’t know that as a kid growing up in the care system I was told that I’d be either dead or in jail by the time I was 30 so I tend not to listen to others and do things my way, it's gotten me this far after all."

"This show will be a continued celebration of me being me which in the current climate of cancel culture we find ourselves in could be seen as risky but f*** it."

My targets as always will be my girls and me as well as life observations on things like new laws on unsolicited dick pics, how equality between the sexes has a clear definitive line, all medication side effects, my loathing of stupid questions, how our ancestors were idiots and much much more. "

"I’m going to remain to be playfully dark and as always do what I do best which is to be relatable, honest and give you an insight into what it's like to be me, a young single grandad who’s passionate about making his audience laugh and then be available for hugs at the end if anyone needs or wants one. See you all soon enough!"

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