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Three Parts on a Ground: European Court Music for three violins and continuo

Fiddlesticks was formed with the purpose of exploring music written specifically for three violins. The players, all highly experienced soloists, directors and leaders in their own right, bring together a deep understanding of the repertoire and early music expertise, promising an innovative programme with fresh interpretations of well-loved pieces and the introduction of more obscure works. “We are all friends who are used to playing together in an orchestral setting,” says Huw Daniel. “It’s a joyous moment when we suddenly break free from that world and express ourselves as individuals, burst out with our virtuosic moments, imitate each other, argue, and relish the extraordinary counterpoint in our programme.”

This programme includes the famous Pachelbel Canon, a new arrangement of the Corelli ‘Christmas’ Concerto for three violins, as well as a Bach concerto for three violins. We invite you to journey with us across Europe, from Germany to Italy to England, as we delve into these fascinating stylistic differences in the company of some of the NCEM’s favourite musicians.

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