Clinton Baptiste

25th Sep 2021
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Clinton Baptiste is…Stratospheric! From Bolton via Vegas… the stars!

Clinton Baptiste is the hapless, unsubtle psychic from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. Following his previous sell-out tour, “The Paranormalist Returns”, Clinton has taken a whirlwind tour of the US.

Not quite Caesar’s Palace, but a series of shows in Vegas have lifted his celebrity status up a notch. Let him take you on a journey from his humble roots via the dazzling heights of Sin City…and on to an amazing finale that will heal the world.

Hear his tales of rubbing shoulders with the hippy-dippy new-agers from La La Land and how he hits the big time in Vegas with his lavish psychic show.

For a while, things couldn’t be better. A new lease of life, new teeth, new hair and a buttock lift (both of them.)

But a humbly spiritual man at heart, Clinton realises that sometimes all that glitters ain’t gold and now returns to you, his beloved British audience to once again conjure up those pure selfless gifts he was born with.

For tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Clinton will all cast fame and fortune aside…and heal the world!

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