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Inter City Railways Ltd awarded East Coast Franchise

A new 8 year deal has been awarded to Inter City Railways Limited (a joint venture between Stagecoach Group and Virgin Trains) to operate the East Coast rail service between London and Edinburgh. The new company will trade as Virgin Trains East Coast and will give passengers travelling between London, York and Edinburgh, more seats and services as well as a host of other benefits including:

Benefits for passengers
• 23 new services from London to key destinations, with 75 more station calls a day
• A strengthening of rail links from London to Scotland
• £140 million investment package to improve trains and stations
• Across the entire train fleet there will be 12,200 additional seats – a 50% increase
• Passenger benefits from regular, faster and more frequent services
• Plans for new direct links to Huddersfield, Sunderland, Middleborough, Dewsbury and Thornaby
• Proposals for more trains to London from Bradford, Edinburgh, Harrogate, Leeds, Lincoln, Newcastle, Shipley, Stirling, and York
• Journeys between London and Edinburgh will reduce to 4 hours by May 2020
• Leeds will see regular journey times reduced to 2 hours
• All new services will be served by the new InterCity Express trains by May 2020