Make It York is proud to organise many free events and festivals throughout the year for residents and visitors to enjoy. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can participate, with access requirements in place to support with additional needs.

Below is our accessibility guide to St Nicholas Fair.

Disabled Access

St Nicholas Fair is located on Parliament Street and St Samsons Square. York City Centre is fully accessible to residents and visitors. The City of York Council has put a number of measures in place in York city centre to improve access for residents and visitors with disabilities. Further information can be found here:

Christmas Market

To assist pre planning to the event and what to expect when you arrive, we have outlined

  • All stalls, food and drink concessions are accessible and any raised structures will feature access ramps.
  • All of our main bar offerings (Winter Hutte, The Tree House & Apres Ski Bar) feature serving windows at a height that can be used by customers in wheelchairs.
  • The revised layout introduced in 2021 allows for much wider paved areas across the site with no enclosed spaces. This greatly improved space for crowd movement which reduced crowd density.
  • Signage will be large, clear and positioned in suitable locations.
  • Lighting – the site features a combination of street lighting, Christmas lights and stall/shop lighting – there will be no strobe lighting on site.
  • Event staff/Security/Stewards - All stewards and security personal have been briefed to signpost/assist members of the public where possible. If they can’t give you an exact answer they will be able to contact the specific person for your needs who will be able to help.

Designated Quiet Periods

We understand that St Nicholas Fair can be a busy event at peak times (especially weekends) which can be overwhelming to some attendees. We are integrating designated quieter periods where music will be minimal from 10am – 12pm each day.

Accessible Toilet Provision

The nearest toilets can be found on Silver St, approx 40m from the market. For further information on public toilets in York city centre can be found here: Public toilets in York – City of York Council

Public toilets in York are cleaned and maintained by Healthmatic and you can report any issues on telephone: 01249 823143. Toilet locations are outlined below with accessible toilets (require a RADAR key):

  • St Leonard's Place public toilets, St Leonard's Place, Exhibition Square, York, YO1 7EW
  • Coppergate Shopping Centre public toilets, Coppergate, York, YO1 9NT
  • Nunnery Lane public toilets, Nunnery Lane car park, York, YO23 1AA
  • St George's Field public toilets, St George's Field car and coach Park, Castle Mills Bridge, York, YO10 4AB
  • Rougier Street public toilets, Rougier Street, York, YO1 6JB
  • Silver Street public toilets, Silver Street, York, YO1 8RY
  • Union Terrace public toilets, Union Terrace car and coach park, Clarence Street, York, YO31 7ES

First Aid

We have first aid provision for the duration of the market. If you are in need of urgent medical attention then please contact any member of staff.


City centre foot streets will be closed to vehicle access between 10.30am - 7.00pm for the duration of the market.

The nearest car park to the Christmas Market is Coppergate Car Park (approx 120m)

For more information on car parks around the city: All council car parks – City of York Council

Further information on Blue Badge parking in York can be found here:

Counter Terrorism barriers

These temporary barriers are installed for public safety – each barrier follows national guidelines with a maximum space access of 1.2m wide. All (except the Shambles) are staffed by Security who are happy to assist or contact a specific person for your needs if required.

If you would like to discuss access requirements for St Nicholas Fair, please email